Whip Popping Contest Winners

Introducing the winners of our annual whip popping contest, held this year during the 2021 Manatee County Fair! Thank you to Mr. Cully, who heads up this contest each year – and thank you to everyone who helped us put on this event, participated and supported the contest. Congratulations to our winners! See you next year!

7 & under age group:

1st place: Dayton Cristofaro
2nd place: Peyton Brown

8 – 10 year old age group:

1st place: Preston Woodham
2nd place: Madison Gilbert
3rd place: Mason Roberts

11 – 13 year old age group:

1st place: Madison Roberts
2nd place: Silas Stillman
3rd place: Kate Bennett

14 – 18 year old age group:

1st place: Andrew Bennett
2nd place: Hayden Crosby
3rd place: Byron Simon

Adult/open category:

1st place: Toby Gilbert
2nd place: Daniel DeSear
3rd place: Micah Stillman

A very special thank you to our amazing judges!

Steve Thum
Todd Henson
Elanie Mason, MCCA Sweetheart
Muffet Mason