2021 Fair Booth – Sign Up

It’s no surprise that this year has been a hot mess for all of us, but there’s one thing we can look forward to… working the Cattlemen’s booth at the fair! We’d like to invite you to pitch in, enjoy time with your fellow cattlemen and cattlewomen AND make some new friends along the way! We are looking for volunteers to help during the 2021 Manatee County Fair (January 10 – 24). While the fair schedule and set up will be different this year, we can always count on having fun in the fair booth with our friends! If you’re new around here, our Cattlemen’s booth is known for our amazing BBQ BEEF sandwiches, hamburgers, and sweet tea… and we’d love to have you on board to make this year amazing! Our booth relies on our customers AND our volunteers – we need 5 – 8 volunteers per shift consisting of teens/youth members and at least 3 adults. Jobs include cooking burgers & fries, making drinks, running food, taking money, and assembling beef sandwiches. (Teens and parents of teens: we ABSOLUTELY sign off for community service hours, so make sure to take advantage and sign up today!) Proceeds from the booth help us fund scholarships, Herdsman achievement awards, FFA awards, donations and more!  To sign up, use this form or get in touch with Danielle Carothers at carothers2d@manateeschools.net or 941.592-5525. The best way to enjoy the fair is with good friends, join in on the fun!